Out In Africa

Out In Africa, which ran Festivals across South Africa for the past 21 years, is unable to raise sufficient funds to continue this activity. Funds are scarce, and those available for LGBTI projects in Africa are being channelled elsewhere on the continent – like Uganda, where you are likely to be executed for being queer, and your relatives and friends jailed for not reporting you.

Happily, though, this is not the end of Out In Africa. We have been allocated an office in the African Gender Institute, situated at the University of Cape Town, by Prof. Jane Bennett.

Prof. Bennett will be designing post-graduate courses in Queer Cinema, and will work with Out In Africa, using its substantial archive of films, collected over 21 years, as a reference library and as source material.

This is an exciting opportunity for Out In Africa, and a breathing space… for we hope to still hold public screenings of films from time to time. We will announce these on this website and to our database.

We thank all those who have supported us through the years, by attending the Festival and donating money.

While we have taken possession of our UCT office, we are not yet in residence. Off site, we are busy minimising… scanning 21 years of documents so that we can dispense with an enormous volume of paper.

If you need to communicate with us please write to: info@oia.co.za